SM Southmall Christmas Theme: The Tale of the Winter Forest


It’s Christmas… As the SM Supermalls opens their annual Christmas Theme, SM Southmall is the first one who unveils their theme this upcoming Christmas Season. And it was so magical as they casts with the wonderful piece of story; The Tale of the Winter Forest.


The Tale of the Winter Forest plays a story of two children being lost in an strange enchanted forest. As they roam around, they meet some of the enchanted creatures that need to deal with. In the heart of the forest, they meet a trapped rabbit, a lost cardinal, and a starving tiger. The children helped the animals, giving up their clothing and food for them. For their kindness, the animals helped them the way going to the Magical Queen in which the one who lead their way out of the forest with joyful gifts.


Aside from the Christmas launch, Sm Southmall will host also some other Holiday events like the following:

Part 1 of Special Santa Claus Appearance on Novemeber 13-27

Part 2 of Special Santa Claus Appearance on December 11-24

Christmas Carols on November 22-26

Double Weekend Holiday Sale on Novemeber 19-20 and 26-27

Pocket events:

SM Cares campaign Bear of Joy
Lighted Tradition Parol-Making Contest
Smart Christmas Exhibit
Vivo Christmas Roadshow

These events of SM Southmall are partnered with Baskin Robbins and Project Pie.

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