Alsa Ozamiz: A Pledge to End All Kinds of Illegal in Ozamiz City

Alsa Ozamiz

The PNP Ozamiz headed by Police Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido in coordination with the City Council through the Ozamiz City Anti-Drug Abuse Council launched a program to continue the initiatives related to their fight against the proliferation of illegal crimes and drugs in the city. This culmination activity is a full pack support of Ozamiznon to the momentum they obtained after the implementation of the OPLAN TOKHANG where thousands of drug users and pushers decided to turn themselves and submit to the process laid down by law enforcers following the orders of the President. The city of Ozamiz headed by Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr and Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog are helping hand and hand to combat all the illegal activities in their city. Here comes the Alsa Ozamiz where majority of Ozamiznon get out of their house and participate in condemning all the Illegal activities all over the city.

Alsa Ozamiz Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr

Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr., one of the mayors earlier tagged in President Duterte’s narco-politicians, led the formal launch of the ‘Alsa Ozamiz’ anti-crime program last Wednesday, and said his supposed involvement in the illegal drugs trade was re-validated and has since been cleared by concerned government and law enforcement agencies. This is a strong message of the Mayor that he is not belongs to Narco-List. He insists that before Pres. Duterte became the President, he led the law enforcement to different buy-bust operations of illegal drugs and suppression of other illegal activities in the city.

Alsa Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog

Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog, in a press conference Wednesday, said the program rides on the memory of the Alsa Masa headed by his Grand Father for the counter-insurgency in the 1980s to remind people to be involved in combating illegal activities. The Alsa Masa is headed by former city Mayor Octavio ‘Ongkoy’ Parojinog Sr. during the 1980’s insurgency against the NPA and other anti-government rebels.  And now, the ALSA MASA became ALSA OZAMIZ for the people to reach out and support the whole Ozamiz in combating all kinds of illegal activities in the city. All kinds of illegal are tackled in ALSA OZAMIZ such as the curbing of crime, drug proliferation, and eradication of illegal fishing, illegal gambling, and Illegal Logging activities.

Alsa Ozamiz Ozamiznons

This is also where prevention should be a non-negotiable component and must start in the home. That is why at the launch last Wednesday afternoon, one representative from each family, will pledge that no one from their family will be involved in any illegal activity. According to Parojinog, the Alsa Ozamiz program is 16 years in the making. “Even before the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, we have been doing all we can to prevent illegal activities here,” she said. “Now, more than ever, with President Duterte, we want to show our dedication to the trust of the administration.”

Alsa Ozamiz Mayor and Vice Mayor

The Parojinogs said Ozamiznons are already tired of being wrongly accused as people coming from the city of crimes and illegal operations when they apply for work outside Ozamiz. “It is time to show them that the stigma is wrong and discrimination against Ozamiznons are uncalled for. Let’s show them that we are peace-loving and we know how to fight for our rights and fight illegal forms of activities,” Vice Mayor Parojinog said.

Alsa Ozamiz VideoKarera Demolition

Even the operators of illegal gambling activities appear to be cooperative. In front of the Ozamiz City Hall, the local government now has in its custody at least 265 video-karera machines surrendered by operators to barangay officials.

Alsa Ozamiz Mayor on VideoKarera Demolition

Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr. said that this was a significant change in the area, since the illegal computerized gambling activity was directly linked with drugs, with players known to be under the influence of illegal drugs. Other gambling activities have also curbed, such as illegal logging, mahjong, and tong-its, the local government officials said.

Alsa Ozamiz Vice Mayor on VideoKarera Demolition

Vice Mayor Parojinog said that the image of Ozamiz City to those outside the city has been tainted by years of ill reputation about the peace and order situation here. “It has even affected the employment of job applicants coming here,” she said. “There has been discrimination.”

Alsa Ozamiz Mayor

Mayor Parojinog said Alsa Ozamiz Movement is reaching out to Malacanang, the national and regional governments for an all-out fight against illegal activities and operations.

alsa ozamiz logo

Alsa Ozamiz Movement together with the LGU and an approximately 30,000 Ozamiznons who marched to converge and echo in unison in their desire to create a drug free community which they properly deserve is reaching out to Malacanan, the national and regional governments for an all-out fight against illegal activities and operations. This is to serve that Ozamiz city is a safe place, Ozamiznon hates any illegal activities, and the Ozamiznons wants to stop discrimination against them.

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