Visit Ozamiz: Our First Time Escapade at Awesome City

Visit Ozamiz

Ozamiz City is the only Second Class City in Misamis Occidental. Though, the capital of Misamis Occidental is the Oroquieta City. But Ozamiz is serving to be the well known capital for trade and industry in whole Misamis Occidental. Both Tangub and Oroquieta are third class city, unlike the Ozamiz which is the only Second class city in the province.

Visit Ozamiz Cotta Fort

We bound to Ozamiz because of their ALSA OZAMIZ event. While waiting for the event, our Tour Guides tour us inside the city. Because of limited time, we only visit the well known city fortress Cotta Fort. Even this is the only scenery that we visited; we are amaze on how they preserved the old century fort. Inside the fort are the light house and several infrastructures. It includes also the city museum where they put some of the antiques, artefacts, and many more important things that keep the identity of the Ozamiznon and the city.

Visit Ozamiz City Officials

Culture in Ozamiz is great as you feel the real beauty of Ozamiznon and Mindanaoan. We met lovely people that share us friendship.

Visit Ozamiz Kinilaw and Laya

Food is great in Ozamiz especially the foods that we ate served by Johann’s Cuisine. Of course, I’m a fan of seafoods and a mouth watery delicacy known as ‘Kinilaw’ is one of the best for me.  If you wish to taste something unique, you need to taste the endemic fish of Ozamiz known as ‘Laia’ or ‘Laya’.  Well, on our next visit, we wish to taste more foods that specifically known in Ozamiz.

Visit Ozamiz Security

Next time that we go to Ozamiz, we wish to have more time and visit all sceneries there. Here’s the list of the places that I want to visit in Ozamiz.  Let Us VISIT OZAMIZ now!!!

Cotta Fort

Visit Ozamiz Cotta Fort

Cotta Beach

Visit Ozamiz Cotta Beach

Hoyohoy Highland Park

Visit Ozamiz Hoyohoy Highland Park
Photo credit to Roanov Covers

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park

Visit Ozamiz Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park
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Mount Malindang Natural Park

Visit Ozamiz Mount Malindang Natural Park
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Malindang Country Golf Course

Visit Ozamiz Malindang Country Golf Course
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Naomi Botanical Gardens

Visit Ozamiz Naomi Botanical Gardens
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Bukagan Hill

Visit Ozamiz Bukagan Hill
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