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7 flavors

Before anything I would like to thanks Ms. Mich Santos for inviting us on the Dinner Buffet #TGIF7flavors. The said in-style event is a full house dinner buffet and outdoor/indoor handcrafted cocktails and shooters.

Nothing to say but SHUT UP! Ang Saraaap!!!hehe. My wife and I enjoyed the ambiance and the mouth-watery foods. Well, I don’t have good images of the food because we enjoyed the Lamon-mode. So sorry if my review is not that creative just like the other food bloggers do. All I want to say is, let’s talk about those foods in a simple manner.

7 flavors

To be honest, I didn’t taste all the foods in the buffet tables. I can give only my verdict to those foods that slide down on my tongue.

By the way I give you all the names of foods that served during the dinner buffet. Not sure if I captured all the dishes. Plain rice and Longganisa rice, Vegetable Gratin, Mixed Seafood Grill, Blackened Fish Fillet Tropical Fruit Salsa, Organic Lechon, Tofu with Bok Choy, Korean Chicken Barbeque, Beef pot roast marble potato, pork parmigiana, pasta aglio olio, Mini burger on buns, Asian Grilled Shrimp Salad, Grilled Beef Salad, Assorted Maki, Ham and Potato Croquettes, Saigon Chicken Noodles Soup with condiments, Chicken Fajita Roll, Tacos, Juices and Ice Creams, and Salad Bar with dressings like thousand island with sweet chili sauce, Oriental vinaigrette, ranch, salted egg dressing, ceasar, and mango mayo.

7 flavors organic Lechon

  1. For the rice, I tasted the Longganisa Rice, a quite salty but overall taste is good.
  2. Vegetable Gratin, I like the blend of seasoning into freshly-crisps of vegetables
  3. Mixed Seafood Grill, let’s say “yung sauce ang nagdala” but still very tasty. In carinderia this Dish is called seafood medley but instead of coconut milk, Mixed seafood grill is come up with special sauce. Maybe, an oyster sauce but not sure. Pero masarap siya Beshie.
  4. Blackened Fish Fillet tropical fruit salsa, I enjoyed only the fish fillet which is very soft in tongue.
  5. Organic Lechon, when it comes to organic xempre “Lantakan Moment na itey”. The aroma of seasonings in the lechon is kinda injected inside the meat. Juicy sensation at its best.
  6. Roast beef, delicious but slightly hard to chew.
  7. Beef pot roast marble potato, delicious but same with roast beef slightly hard to chew.
  8. Asian Grilled Shrimp salad and Grilled beef salad, I love the sweet and sour taste that brought by mango, vinegar, onion and ginger. We can say that “Swak pampulutan”.
  9. Assorted Maki, the rice is soft and tasty mixes inside. I’m sure the maki-attackers will love it.
  10. Salads, I love the combinations of Thousand island and Salted egg dressing.
  11. Tacos, for all special Tacos that I tried in all over the Metro, I highly recommended their Tacos. Super sarap promise. Some of my colleagues are presents too. My friend Kevin has most tacos eaten that time. “Kinamay pa niya. Hehe”
  12. Alco-mixes and cocktails, I didn’t ask what are the names of the cocktails and other alco-mixes. But I tasted it all. For a drinker like me, I like the cool-mint sensation of the 3 layered colors alco-mixes. Sarap ng hagod sa lalamunan.

Those are 11 foods that we tasted during the Dinner Buffet at 7 Flavors. For your 599Php, I can say that it was worth it. Sulit to the max promise.


7 flavors

Wait, a special mention to the place. A perfect ambiance that looks elegant. It’s kinda hard to locate if you don’t have own vehicle but this is worth to navigate if you want a good taste to enjoy with. If you want to have Food Trip galore in 7 Flavors. Go ka-foodies… it’s a money-worth overwhelming foods. Not just delicious, some dishes are organic. Overall Experience in rating it to 1 to 5 stars, Ambiance: 4.5 stars, Staffs: 4.5 stars, Foods: 4.5 stars. I didn’t give perfect scores because I know there are more things that they want to show up for their future presentations.

About 7 Flavors:

A fresh and casual dining spot, nestled within the lush urban confines of San Juan. Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. The list of their services is Catering, Good for groups or parties, Good for children, Outdoor seating, takes bookings, Takeaway, and Table service. Walk ins are welcome also as long as the Resto is not full. It was located at 196 A. Mabini Street Addition Hills San Juan del Monte, San Juan City.

For More info visit their 7 Flavors Facebook Page.

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