Press Launch of Ishin-Denshin Music Festival 2018



Ishin-Denshin Music Festival 2018

ISHIN – DENSHIN  International  Music  Festival,  a Filipino Japanese event brought to you by Monde  Luce  Production  a company spearheaded by Japanese businessman, Mr Kazuyoshi Irizuki in partnership with Value Communication, JTB, Bio Luce, and Rimujin Advertising Services – this is one of a kind of music festival which aims to bring together the Filipino and Japanese music lovers to celebrate the sound of unity.

Ishin-Denshin Music Festival 2018 Global Style Girl Group

ISHIN – DENSHIN  literally  translates to “ What the Mind Thinks, the Heart  Transmits,” which aims to strengthen  relations with a conversation that transcends  words; with music we share, culture, language and time. Though this we are able to amplify and foster a deeper and stronger relationship.

The event will create a platform for Japanese artists ( IDOLS) to showcase their music in collaboration with our great  Filipino talents. It will be a 1 – day music event which part of the proceeds will go to the Manny Pacquiao Foundation  to aid the Filipinos especially the kids in Marawi not only financially but to uplift their spirits and rebuild their  lives.

Ishin-Denshin Music Festival 2018 Manny Pacquiao

ISHIN – DENSHIN  International  Music  Festival   goes live on February 10, 2018  at Aseana  City Open  Grounds.  Apart from the amazing artists to look  forward to, attractions to take part are food park with Filipino – Japanese street foods, activity part also where guests can immerse themselves with the Neon – look of the event – face and body paint.  To top- up the ISHIN – DENSHIN experience, platform for our cosplayers will be set and for everyone else who loves taking pictures – Spinshot 360”  photo and built up letters of ISHIN – DENSHIN and will serve as photocell for the guests.

Ishin-Denshin Music Festival 2018

Watch out as we reveal one by one the artists and more details on our social  media  pages and official event website. Stay tuned!

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