Search for the Most Globally Networked Person in Celebration of 160th Anniversary of Western Union

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We all know the Philippines is the Social Network Capital of the world according to the latest survey. No doubt for this because Filipinos are friendly and well connected to their friends and relatives all over the world.  Filipinos have the highest numbers of Internet surfers that using social networking sites like twitter, myspace, plurk, Google+, and especially Facebook.

In celebration of 160th anniversary of Western Union, they launch the newest interactive application that able to search the most networked person in the world. This application can be seen here In this application, you can see your network and status of yourself on how you are globally connected and geographically connected all over the Philippines. This is an awesome application that you can define yourself on becoming an effective social networker by means of using social network sites especially Facebook.
Western Union Global Network Connection wetern union


With the effort of Western Union in solidifying the connectivity and interaction towards our friend and relatives all over the globe, I invite you to join the take a first test of Western Union Network Challenge. With regards on that challenge, I will launch a contest in this blog and for those who join the contest, 2 winners will win 1,000pesos worth of Gift Check each.  Please see the contest mechanics below:
Win Gift Check when you join in this Online Contest:
1.         Log on to your Facebook account and check this site Once you enter the Western Union Web Application, you can see your global network. Point the cursor arrow in your name for you to see you World Index. Printscreen your “Your World” personal universe and paste into your comment. 

2.         Proceed to the following questions:
a.     What is your WORLD INDEX?
b.     What are the 3 pages/ sections of
c.     Who is in the mobile phone illustration, which represents the birth of Western Union’s International Mobile Money Transfer?

3.         Like this Facebook Pages and and then share it to your friends including the Western Union Web application.
4.        Be sure to insert your contact details in your comment (Name,Email, Contact number)
5.         Winners will be announce on August 30, 2011.
Goodluck guys… Feel free to invite your friends in joining this contest as well as testing the web application.
Here’s the sample of your Comment:
Name: _________________
Email: __________________
Contact Number: ______________
Western Union Global Network Connection

a. answer

b. answer
c. answer