Chevy looks to Spark a new trend on Cyberspace with the Chevy Spark Virtual Carpool Club Facebook Application

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Trendy car maker Chevrolet is set to fire up your Facebook habit with a fun, new application that promises to give away exciting weekly prizes to lucky participants. The Spark Virtual Carpool Club brings together Chevrolet fans in an exciting online game that puts a spin on social networking.
“We launched the Spark Virtual Carpool Club on Facebook as a way of reaching out to more trendy and tech-savvy young Filipinos,” Lyn Buena, Marketing Director for The Covenant Car Company, Inc. said.
“We want to put an interesting twist to people’s Facebook experience, and this new app offers a fun and unique way for people to interact with their friends, and at the same time earns them a chance to win special prizes, including five brand new Apple iPad2 units.”
Chevy Spark Blue

All you have to do is “like” the Chevy Philippines Facebook fan page and register in the Spark Carpool Club application. Upon registering, you will automatically be designated as the virtual carpool driver of the account. The objective of the game is to add as much Facebook friends to be your carpool buddy.

For every four successful invites, you get one Spark Car icon equivalent to one raffle entry. The promo will run for eight weeks from July 25 to September 30. Every week, one “Car” entry will be picked, and its driver and four passengers will each win a movie ticket and exclusive Chevy merchandise.
On the 8th week of the promo, one lucky Spark carpool app entry will be picked for the grand prize, with the car’s driver and all four passengers each winning a brand new Apple iPad 2. Users are encouraged to produce as many entries as they can so they have more chances of winning.
“We encourage everyone who has a Facebook account to join the contest, get a ride, invite friends to ‘carpool’, and get a chance to win an iPad 2. The app is also a great way for users to get to know the hip and cool Chevy Spark 5-door mini passenger car,” said Buena. The app features a user-friendly interface that shows who is in your network, as well as how many valid “car” entries you already have. It likewise gives regular updates about the weekly winners. The app also has a special section called “10 Reasons to Love the Spark” which highlights the 10 outstanding features of Chevrolet’s newest and stylish mini car.
Chevrolet recently introduced its two new, sleek and spacious Spark variants—the 1.0L 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission models. With the same stylish look and edgy appeal of the initial 1.2 MT model, the Spark mini passenger car helps you save on fuel while driving in style.
Chevy Spark Green

Based on a third party agency test, the Spark was able to reach a maximum of 22km/L fuel consumption rate for the 1.2 and 1.0 manual variants, while the 1.0 automatic was able to reach a 19km/L performance.

The Chevrolet Spark 1.2 LT model comes with standard roof rails that provide additional cargo capability and rear spoiler for that hip, sporty look.
“For a ride that’s hip, convenient and easy to maintain, the Chevrolet Spark lets you confidently command the road with its astounding fusion of functionality and modern design. Without crimping on safety and engine features, Chevrolet delivers a mini passenger car that is trendy to drive and economical to own,” Buena said.

  • Chevrolet Spark Virtual Carpool contest to give away 5 iPad 2s

Make life more fun with the new Chevrolet Spark variants

·         Chevrolet Philippines-TCCCI introduces two new Chevrolet Spark variants – 1.0L automatic transmission and manual transmission models
·         Own a Chevrolet Spark for as low as P518,888


It’s triple the fun as Chevrolet Philippines-TCCCI introduces two new Chevy Spark variants—1.0L 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission models—to complement the classic version. Featuring the same stylish look and edgy appeal of the initial 1.2 MT model, the Spark 1 liter variants are expected to make the same strong impact on the mini-passenger car segment.

Though the Spark is classified as a mini passenger car, this five-door trendy ride is one of the most space-efficient cars in the mini segment. It has ample storage space to accommodate a good volume of necessities for any type of itinerary. The rear seat base and back both split 60:40 to fold flat, thus increasing the luggage space. All three Spark variants can comfortably sit 5 adult passengers.

Both the 1.0 AT and MT variants are equipped with 1.0L DOHC L4 engines that provide efficient power for your various road travels. The units are of 995cc displacement and produces 68PS (50Kw) at 6,400 rpm, enough to power the car from 0-100 km/h in 15.5 seconds, with a top speed of 96 mph.
Apart from the efficient power it produces, it is already known to many that the Spark is an answer to high fuel prices. Based on a third party agency test, the Spark was able to reach a maximum of 22km/l fuel consumption rate. 
The Spark models are stylishly built from the inside and out as it comes with the following standard features: signature LED-lit instrument cluster showing fusion of functionality and modern design. A motorcycle-inspired instrument cluster is mounted on the steering column that provides easy-to-read information through a combination of analog and digital displays. The 1.2 LT model comes with standard roof rails that provide additional cargo capability along with a rear spoiler that enhances the Spark’s sporty look.


Chevrolet Philippines, in recognizing that the hatchback market encompasses the look and style-conscious crowd, has made the original accessories available to the market. To further support the trend, It pegged the price at a very low introductory price of P518,888 for the 1 liter manual variant; providing buyers great savings on a great vehicle.

To top things off, the Spark is included in the 5 year warranty program of Chevrolet, giving Chevy owners the peace of mind and security that their cars are made of the best quality.

 Win an IPAD 2 with your friends…



    • User must like Philippines Fanpage and then register in the Spark Virtual Carpool Club (Facebook Application).


    • Upon registering, user will be assigned as the virtual carpool driver.
    • User’s goal is to invite as many friends to be his/her carpool buddy.
    • To secure a successful carpool buddy, invited friend(s) should accept the invitation and register in the Spark Virtual Carpool Club (Facebook Application).
    • For every 4 successful invites, user will get 1 Spark Car which is equivalent to 1 raffle entry.
    • Limitations:
      1. Car (raffle entry) can only win once within Week 1 to 7. But all raffle entries within the promo duration have a chance to join the Grand Raffle.
      2. User can add a friend only once.
      3. Prizes are to be divided to the virtual driver and its passengers.
      4. Each participating Facebook account per carpool entry must be represented and owned by different individuals.
      5. Corporate or shared accounts can only be represented by one person. Incases that a participant uses his/her corporate/other account(s) to fill in a vacant slot(s), prize(s) allotted for the slot(s) will be forfeited. (Ex. 1 personal account + 4 other accounts owned by the same person = 1 movie ticket and shirt or 1 i-pad 2 for grand prize.)


    • Who can join?


·         All Philippine residents who are at least 18 years old are welcome to join. Employees of Chevrolet Philippines, TCCCI and Advertising Agency including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from winning.
·         Promo Duration: July 25 – September 30, 2011
·         Cut-off and Draw Dates:
Cut – off Dates
Draw Date
Week 1 July 25, 12:00 Midnight – July 28, 11:59 PM 2011 July 29, 2011
Week 2 August 1, 12:00 Midnight  – August 4, 11:59 PM 2011 August 5, 2011
Week 3 August 8, 12:00 Midnight  – August 11, 11:59 PM 2011 August 12, 2011
Week 4 August 15, 12:00 Midnight  – August 18, 11:59 PM 2011 August 19, 2011
Week 5 August 22, 12:00 Midnight  – August 25, 11:59 PM 2011 August 26, 2011
Week 6 August 29, 12:00 Midnight – September 1 11:59 PM, 2011 September 2, 2011
Week 7 September 5, 12:00 Midnight – September 8, 11:59 PM 2011 September 9, 2011
Week 8 September 12, 12:00 Midnight – September 15, 11:59 PM 2011 September 16, 2011 – Grand Draw
*Only Completed Entries within the cut-off dates will be included in the Weekly Raffle.
*Completed entries that fall after cut-off dates are included in the next draw date.
*Completed entries from July 25 12 Midnight to September 15, 11:59 PM 201 are ALL included in the Grand Draw.
1 Car (1 driver & 4 passengers)
Week 1
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 2
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 3
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 4
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 5
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 6
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 7
5 movie tickets + 5 Chevy shirts
Week 8 – Grand Raffle
5 iPad 2
*Movie Tickets are transferrable.
** Participants can only win once within Week 1- Week 7. But everyone has a chance to join the Grand Raffle.
·         All participants are subject to verification prior to being declared as winners.
·         How to claim the prizes:
    • Winners will be notified through e-mail on how to claim their prize. Winners will be requested to bring 2 valid government issued I.D. and copy of the email notification.


    • Information registered must match details of identification card presented (i.e. fullname, address and date of birth)
    • Each participant in the winning carpool entry must claim their prize personally.
    • Should a representative claim the prize, he/she must bring an authorization letter signed by the winner, 1 valid I.D of the representative and winner, along with the email notification.
    • Winners have 60 days upon receipt of notice to claim their prize. Unclaimed prizes within the said period will be forfeited in favor of Chevrolet Philippines.
    • Prizes are to be claimed at the TCCCI office.
    • Chevrolet Philippines reserves the right to disqualify winners in cases of misrepresentation and falsification of identity.


Chevrolet Philippines – The Covenant Car Company Incorporated
Company Profile
Chevrolet logo

The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI) is a Filipino company with a strong backing of experienced players in the automotive industry led by its Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Richard Lee, whose more than three decades of success in the Philippine automotive industry shall be poured into building and re-capturing the passion for Chevrolet. Likewise, TCCCI boasts the professional expertise of former Central Bank Governor, current Vice Chairman of The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company and the Management Association of the Philippines’, 2007 Management Man of the Year Mr. Cuisia served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Far East bank and Trust Company. He has been Vice Chairman and Independent Director of SM Prime Holdings Inc. since 1994. He has been Vice Chairman of The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company since July 31, 2009. He has been a Director of Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc. since 1994. Mr. Cuisia has been a Director of Holcim Philippines, Inc. since October 21, 1993. Mr. Cuisia serves as a Director of several PHINMA-managed companies. He serves as a Director of Investment & Capital Corporation of the Philippines. He served as a Director of San Miguel Corporation, Philippine Airlines and Philippine National Bank. Mr. Cuisia received his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Commerce degree from De La Sale University and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsyand the current Philippine Ambassador to the U.S.A., Mr. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. as its Chairman of the Board.

The Covenant Car Company Inc. has been appointed by General Motors Southeast Asia Operations as an independent and exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet automobiles and parts in the Philippines. TCCCI shall serve as Chevrolet’s sales and marketing arm, aftersales service and dealer support head office in the country.  Chevrolet Philippines – The Covenant Car Company Inc. was incorporated on July 1, 2009 and assumed the full business operations on October 1, 2009 with Atty. Alberto Arcilla as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer.  Under the direction of Atty. Arcilla, whose 16 years of experience in the motoring industry can be attributed to his astute professionalism and marketing expertise — the auto industry has finally experienced the formidable and customer-oriented Chevrolet Philippines. The Philippine market has come to expect quality as TCCCI’s primary and consistent force from production, to distribution, to marketing and after-sales service.The Covenant Car Company Inc.’s engagement of the Chevrolet Business in the Philippines is part of General Motor’s (GM) renewed commitment to build a successful new GM worldwide. At its Detroit headquarters, GM unveiled a series of radical changes in its operations beginning with a new corporate structure, a stronger balance sheet and a resolute pledge to regain the trust and confidence of its customers.
Chevrolet Philippines will continue to distribute a full line of Chevrolet products from the Chevrolet Cruze, Aveo, Captiva, Camaro, Suburban and Tahoe. Currently, Chevrolet Philippines has twelve (12) dealer showrooms all over the country namely:Chevrolet Alabang, Chevrolet Makati, Chevrolet Pasig, Chevrolet Quezon Avenue, Chevrolet Shaw, Chevrolet Bacolod, Chevrolet Cebu, Chevrolet Dagupan, Chevrolet Davao, Chevrolet Iloilo, Chevrolet Laguna, Chevrolet Pampanga. The Covenant Car Company’s commitment is to steer its dealer network to achieve their optimum business potential as it builds a stronger Chevrolet brand nationwide.
The local market can be assured of exceptional customer service as its team of professional experts possesses proficient technical competence and the capacity to operate through an expansive network of dealerships. In addition, it also takes pride in its robust manufacturing capabilities, which is parallel with GM’s aspirations for a CKD program in the Philippines in the near future.  Surely, this will boost Chevrolet’s strong presence in the country.


We are a car company in covenant with God and our community
Incorporated to connect people
Called to enrich lives
Challenged to be instruments of positive change
Our vision is to make Chevrolet one of the top three (3) automotive brands in the Philippines within the foreseeable future.
Chevrolet Philippines – The Covenant Car Company, Inc. is committed to deliver the best Chevrolet products and services to our customers thereby cultivating trust and confidence in our brand among our dealers and the public. We shall provide customers with proven technology, expressive styling, dependability and outstanding value for money through our products and services while simultaneously striving for better dealer experience via timely and efficient marketing, sales, technical, and after-sales support.
For more info, please log on to or update yourself through Facebook –