Toycon 2011: A Decade of Success and More Awareness on Pop Culture

Hundreds? Thousands? I can’t count on my fingers even with my toes the number of people who attend the 10th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2011 or popularly known as TOYCON 2011. I didn’t mind the time I spent standing and waiting in the long line going to the ticket booth just to buy ticket and to enter the trade hall. Whaaa! After a couple of minutes, here I am I got in! The crowd was so busy with different activities such as live performances of different groups, selling of different kinds of toys from exhibitor, fan art contest, doll custom contest, toy design contest and the most thrilling is the cosplay contest.
I love taking pictures with different cosplayer who wore their own artistic costumes. I also love the bargains of the toys which sell at very low prices. Oh! I got my fav toys at much discounted price! My dead beat was wiped away. This is one of the reasons why I am always excited to attend Toycon. It’s worth it.
It was not surprising why Toycon reach their 10th year and it can be considered a decade of success. This kind of convention was really tremendous and enchanting not only for Philippine Toy fanatic but also for international toy extremist. They gave surprises every year. For the organizers, they really get their job well done.  The event was successful.
Toycon 2011 was also been an instrumental to help the less fortunate as they support this year the Larungan: Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive of ABS-CBN. Wherein, one of the objectives is to raise awareness of Universal Kindergarten by raising toys that will be donated to the incoming kindergarten students this school year.
For the first day of Toycon, I was amazed of over 10,000 attendees who attended the said event and more than 200 cosplayers impressed the people. I enjoyed capturing photos into cosplayers. Well, fun also in awaiting the appearance of the Philippine Cosplay Goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao with her sister Ashley. Sad to say that I had only seen them but having no photos with them… 
If the Day 1 of Toycon is very crowded, the day 2 is more crowded than the Day 1. More and more people gathered in the event and more cosplayers are attended the day 2 Toycon. Day 2 is the filming also of the international cosplay movie The Cosplay Nation in which some scenes are shoots during the day 2 of the Toycon as I’ve said. And I’m proud that I’m belong to this movie as part of the party people. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of Cosplay artists, lot of performances and entertainments in a very successful event. Th toycon 2011.

Well, for me the 10th Toycon 2011 is a basis of the decade of Toycon success. Through Toycon, many cosplay artists are being more aware and joining the cosplay fashion. This trend of Toycon can show us a modern history of successful generation. Till next year comrade… Let’s wait for the Toycon 2012…