ABS CBN Larunungan Toy Drive in Philippine ToyCon 2011 Press Conference

As we share some toys to less fortunate children, here’s an ABS CBN campaign drive in collecting toys in order to share love and joy to children. The LARU-NUNGAN Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive 2011 is also launched yesterday (June 11) at Philippine ToyCon Press Conference at Eurotel Pedro Gil. This is to guide us in donating our toys in order to share to less fortunate children not only here in Metro Manila but all over the Philippines. So, here’s the information with regards on Laru-nungan campaign…

LARU-NUNGAN: Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive
The toy drive is dubbed Larunungan: Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive. One of the objectives is to raise awareness re: Universal Kindergarten by raising toys that will be donated to the incoming Kindergarten students this school year.  People are encouraged to donate toys instead of cash since toys play a crucial part in a child’s learning process. Toys are tools for learning. through play, a kindergarten kid: 1.) picks up new ideas, 2.)exercises his muscles (thus improving his motor skills), 3.) uses his imagination and 4.) learns how to cooperate with others.
And by encouraging kids to donate their old toys the project seeks to become a child’s first lesson on charity and instill in them the value of generosity. It is also one of their first lessons about materialism, that it’s okay to let go of a material object, one that you hold dear, if you know that doing so would help another kid.

The project, in other words, targets children (both donor of toys  and recipients) and stresses on the value of nurturing young minds so that they  become good and responsible citizens when they grow up.

Please bring toy donations. As per DepEd, the preferred toys are:
Multicolored Spindle
Fit-in geometric shapes
Wooden beads
Graded cylinders or any shapes with graduated sizes
Number, shapes and color sorter
Number play cubes
Colored cubes
Table blocks
Floor blocks
Domino type toys
Matching card games (games that encourage concentration)
Game boards
Learning charts
Activity books
Shape sorting games
Stuffed toys
Dress up frames
Carpenter tools
Garden play tools
Play dough materials
Doll bed with doll accessories
Number play cubes
Peg board with 100 pegs
Inch cubes
Assessment box

Note: Please DO NOT donate toys that promote violence, such as GUNS AND SWORDS. These items will not be accepted.