Shell Gas (LPG) and Mercedes-Benz Trucks Launch Shellane Fleet Revolution

Energy levels were at a fever pitch as leading provider of liquefied petroleum gas Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc. unveiled its recent partnership with top-tier brand for safety trucks Mercedes-Benz. Aptly dubbed, “Shellane Fleet Revolution,” the venture reinforces the company’s steely resolve to step up its Road Transport Fleet in the country.

 “Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines is at the forefront of providing innovative means to deliver best in class, safe and reliable products to its consumers. Our partnership with Mercedes-Benz, a brand that is also known worldwide for producing safe and high quality trucks, is a testament to our commitment to raise the bar on quality of service and products for our customers,” said Ramon del Rosario, general manager for Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc.

At the launch, representatives from various local government units, leading manufacturing companies, top executives from Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, its partners and media guests were welcomed by drum beats and a futuristic display that set the opulent mood at One Esplanade in Pasay City, the perfect venue for the event.

The evening was replete with sublime sophistication and adventure with a pulsating AeonFlux meets James Bond performance. A series of awe-inspiring video presentations spurred excitement and piqued guests’ curiosity at the beginning of the program. The audience’s attention was riveted when the evening neared its highlight – the grand reveal of Mercedes-Benz’s Actros LPG truck. The colossal transporter unabashedly took center stage and boasted of exemplary safety features and cutting-edge technology with the Lane Assistant, Telligent® proximity control and Telligent® stability control features. Mercedes-Benz Actros LPG truck is also known for its improved transport capacity and is recognized worldwide for being a trailblazer in the area of safety.

“When it comes to trucks, Mercedes-Benz is definitely one of the most trusted brands in the world. We are pleased to team up with Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines in ensuring road safety and the delivery of high quality products to consumers,” said Felix Ang, president of CATS Motors, Inc., the general distributor of Mercedes-Benz trucks in the Philippines.

The commissioning of Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines’ new fleet of trucks is in support to a resolution passed by the United Nations known as the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. In a study, the UN revealed that nearly 1.3 million lives are claimed yearly by road accidents all over the world.

“Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines supports the campaign to build a road accident-free culture in the Philippines.  LPG consumers can be confident that Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines always puts a high premium on safety and will always be committed to finding new ways to boost the safe delivery of our products,” said del Rosario.

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