Boxfresh Unveils the Freshest Streetwear in the Band-Rocking Party of SaGuijo Anniversary

It was an awesome night for me being invited in the rocking loaded Anniversary of SaGuijo Bar last Friday night. It was my first time to be there and I’m so grateful and very satisfied of my first time jammin’ there.  I’m amazed and enjoyed for the lot of bands performed in that night including the top bands in the Philippines today.

Let’s talk about SaGuijo bar. This bar is located in Guijo st., San Antonio Village, Makati City. What I really like in this bar is the concept of the place with the interesting ambiance of it. When I was there, I feel at home because it’s just like a house catering a house party. Actually, it was a house that turns into a drinking place for everyone. As I can see, it was not just an ordinary bar that “Commoners” have access. Although it was open for Commoners but most of attendees there are foreigners, high profiled personalities, rich kids, etc. Cool right!!! Let me continue, when you drink and having party in SaGuijo, you feel like you are in United State having party in certain Bachelor’s pad with some of your friends and party people including bands and sexy ladies as well. The Concept of this bar is to bring house party-liked jamming that their customers feel the enjoyment and excitement.

As the party begins, I feel the party people screaming and enjoying the live music of many bands. Of course, I’m one of them rocking and roll… Well, the list of bands performed that night is not just an ordinary bands in the city. They are the bands that hitting on the top of Music scene today here in our country. The bands performed are heading by Imago, Pedicab, Sandwich, Chicosci, and Urbandub. And some other bands which I’m not familiar but they are also known already in Music industry composed of Paranoid city, Encounter with Yeti, Sleepwalk Circus, Techy Romantics, Taken by Cars, Identikit, and Sleepyheads.

Well, the big name behind this event is the San Miguel Beer with the participating sponsor: The Grillery bar that conjoined with Boxfresh British Fashion Streetwear. As the SMB sponsored the Anniversary of SaGuijo, Boxfresh takes the opportunity also to take this awesome event to unveil their freshest line of fashion streetwear into people.  Boxfresh is the newest and freshest line of fashion who wants to be recognize as top line streetwear Fashion brand here in the Philippines. This British designer label has the wide range of fabulous products that caters all Fashionista who love streetwears. I know many of Filipinos including me are fan of street wear clothing and accessories.

For you to know about the Boxfresh brand, Boxfresh brand name created, inspired by the early hip-hop terminology for a pair of trainers being “fresh out the box”. This Designer label hits up the street fashion for almost 2 decades not only in UK but in some countries all over the world. This brand is a streetwear originator. Boxfresh is well known as a trendsetter in UK street fashion.

We, Filipino fashionistas are known also for every fashion trends that we want to be a part our fashion statement. We always recognize and embrace some new trends of fashion or products that suits in our taste of fashion that blends up in our personality. So, here it is… A new style of new kids on the block fashion that ready to conquer your fashion statement today. Let me share to you the grandest introduction of Boxfresh fashion line in Philippine fashion. Rock on fashionistas!!! Be a trend setter of street wear today, find your perfect fashion with Boxfresh…

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