Neltex Introduces (HMF) Heavy Metal Free Certified Pipes during Worldbex

Neltex Pipes

It’s been a successful event of Worldbex this year. Lot of exhibitors excellently exhibits their product and services. There are lot of booth that presented powerful trade show display. One of the stunning booth is from Neltex. I like their trade show display, it educates me on how to choose and set up pipelines in the house or building.

Neltex at Worldbex

Neltex is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC pipes here in the Philippines. When it comes to safe and durable pipeline products, NELTEX is the one. Neltex was established 1957 by Mr. Sy Yong Phao. The innovation of PVC pipes comes into reality decade by decade. Neltex develop a one of kind hazard-free pipeline system that can cater water system, sewerage system, and electrical system.

Neltex Trade show booth

With the highly-optimized innovation of PVC pipes today, Neltex leads the manufacturing of simply organic pipes that emphasizes the no use of lead and heavy metals. Yes, it’s true. Neltex develop a safe and durable pipeline that can last for up to 50 years. There pipe products are Lead-free and Heavy Metal Free (HMF) certified.

We all know that lead and Heavy Metals are very dangerous into our body. Neltex ensure us that their pipes are safe to use. Here are some of the pipe products of Neltex:

Neltex Sewerlock

The New Neltex Sewer Guard with Sewer Lock

It delivers to your jobsite with built in Hybrid gaskets (seal made of Polypropylene “PP”) homogenously bonded with Ethylene-propylene Diene Monomer (EDPM) rubber.

Neltex SWG Thermoform

Neltex SWG Thermoform

It’s a superior alternative to the commonly used welded Large Diameter Tee’s and Wye’s. The joint section is formed by extracting a socket from the main pipe once the branch section is inserted in the main branch the thermoform fitting is completed.

Neltex Pressureline

Neltex Pressureline

With 20 years experience, the Neltex Pressureline has service installations in various subdivisions, golf courses, and water utilities. Neltex Pressureline is the Gold Standard for pressure main pipe in the country today.

Neltex Waterline System

Neltex Waterline System

They adhere to standard quality and passed the test based on PNS 65, and tested to last for 50 years. It was designed with longer socket for leak-free lines versus other brands. It was practical to use because it’s convenient and user-friendly.

Neltex Sewerline System

Neltex Sewerline System

Sewerline system has durable and leak-free pipes that can assure safety for at least 50 years. Imagine, you don’t have to worry for almost half of the century for your sewerage system in your house if you have Neltex.

Neltex ElectricLine System

Neltex ElectricalLine System

Neltex has systematic and state of the art design of electric pipes that can handle the safeties of our electric wires. It’s durable and ensures also safety for dealing with powerlines.

When it comes to high commendable durable pipes, I can assure you that Neltex is the one. Try it and believe it… For more info you can visit their

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